Are you in the restaurant industry, managing a grocery store, or overseeing a bustling cafeteria? Look no further than HABCO®’s exceptional line of commercial reach-in freezers. Our commitment to excellence shines through every aspect of our reach-in commercial freezer selection, ensuring your frozen goods stay fresh and perfectly preserved. Explore our glass door and solid door reach-in freezers below!

Why Opt for a Commercial Reach-In Freezer?

At HABCO®, we understand that different businesses have unique needs. That's why we offer both glass door and solid door reach-in freezers. Whether you prefer full visibility of your inventory or the more traditional look of steel doors, HABCO® has the perfect fit for you.

What is a Reach-In Freezer?

Much like a reach-in refrigerator, reach-in freezers are fairly straightforward – they are cooling units that retain cold air in order to store frozen foods. These versatile cooling units find their place in various industries, including food service, pet specialty, pharmaceuticals, and retail.

The HABCO® Advantage: Five Key Differentiators

What sets HABCO® apart from the competition? Let's explore the five key advantages that define our commitment to quality:

Glycol Temperature Probe: HABCO® uses a Glycol Temperature Probe to regulate the temperature inside the cabinet. This innovation goes beyond measuring ambient temperature; it represents the product's core temperature, ensuring your goods are kept at the proper temperature.

Variable Speed Compressor: Efficiency matters. That's why all HABCO® commercial freezers feature a variable speed compressor, delivering industry-leading energy efficiency and peak performance.

Epoxy Enamel Coating: Protecting materials against rust and corrosion is paramount. HABCO® coats our evaporator coils with epoxy enamel, extending the life cycle of the freezer and offering a superior return on your investment.

Non-Clogging Drum Spiral Condenser: In high-traffic environments where dust and contaminants are abundant, HABCO®'s non-clogging drum spiral condenser ensures your system runs smoothly. No more clogs or system failures to worry about.

24/7 Drain Tube Heaters: While others run drain tube heaters only during defrost cycles, HABCO® keeps ours active around the clock. This continuous operation eliminates potential ice damming caused by incomplete evacuation, ensuring your freezer operates flawlessly.

How Long Do Commercial Freezers Last?

Investing in a HABCO® commercial freezer is a wise choice. With proper maintenance, our commercial freezer models can last between 10 to 20 years, we’ve even seen over 30 year old models. Regular cleaning and upkeep will protect your investment and keep your freezer performing at its best. Our commitment to quality and performance ensures you receive the lowest Lifetime Cost of Ownership (LCO) in the industry.

Choose the Right Commercial Grade Freezer With HABCO®

From advanced, highly-efficient cooling technology to robust aluminum and stainless steel cabinet features, our range of reach-in refrigerators and freezers offer excellent features that ensure a top level of functionality for retailers, restaurants and food service providers. 

Whether you want to showcase products and provide easy access for your customers or make sure that your kitchen staff has a refrigeration unit they can rely on, there’s a HABCO® that’s perfect for your needs.  Contact us today – we’re happy to help you find what you need!

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