Browse HABCO® ‘s product line of commercial reach-in freezers to discover unmatched quality and aesthetic appeal. A reach-in freezer is ideal for use in restaurants, grocery stores, pet stores, or cafeterias – any place you need frozen food kept at the proper temperature. Explore our reach-in freezers below!

What is a Reach-In Freezer?

Much like a reach-in refrigerator, reach-in freezers are fairly straightforward – they are cooling units that retain cold air in order to store fresh foods and frozen goods. Commercial freezers are utilized in many industries including food service, pet specialty, pharmaceutical and retail.

How is HABCO Superior?

Habco has 5 key product differentiators that separate us from other manufacturers in the industry:

  1. We use a Glycol Temperature Probe to regulate the temperature inside the cabinet. This method represents product core temperature rather than the ambient temperature inside the cabinet.
  2. Habco uses a variable speed compressor in all our commercial freezers for industry leading energy efficiency and optimal performance.
  3. We coat our evaporator coils with an epoxy enamel in order to protect against rusting and corrosion. This helps extend the life cycle of the freezer and provides a superior ROI.
  4. We use a non-clogging, drum spiral condenser, which is ideal for high-traffic environments where high amounts of dust or contaminants could lead to your condenser becoming clogged and the risk of system failure.
  5. Our drain tube heaters run 24/7 to eliminate potential ice damming caused by incomplete evacuation. Our competitors typically run drain tube heaters only during defrost cycles.

How Long Do Commercial Freezers Last?

Commercial freezer models can last 10-20 years with proper maintenance. Protect your investment with regular cleaning and upkeep.

Choose the Right Refrigeration Unit: Commercial Reach-In Freezers at HABCO

Whether you’re looking for retail, restaurant or food service equipment, our selection of reach-in freezers offer excellent features that ensure a top level of functionality. Combined with a crisp and clean aesthetic appeal, your staff will be able to quickly find what they need while maintaining the good reputation of your business.


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