We have over 60 years of experience designing award-winning, commercial refrigeration appliances. Our research and development has powered some of the industry’s most significant technological advances and many industry firsts, including being the first to envision, design and produce removable Cassette® refrigeration.

We’ve built our reputation on the solid foundations of quality, innovation and people committed to a job well done. Our North American made products are designed for superior performance, ease of maintenance, reduced environmental impact, lower total cost of ownership, and overall customer satisfaction. After all, we’re in this business together.



Through exhaustive research and development, we provide customers with state-of-the-art products that are easily maintained and deliver superior performance and value, including:

  • Greater lifetime value;
  • Lower total cost of ownership;
  • Time, energy and cost saving features;
  • Value in service delivered by our product experts.

Our products are designed for ease of maintenance, high performance, reduced running costs and lower total cost of ownership. Now that’s value.



The innovative spirit is embedded and nurtured throughout the company. We have always strived to develop inventive, tangible solutions to real world problems. That is why innovation has been incorporated into every product we manufacture, including:

  • Cassette® refrigeration;
  • Interior Priority Airflow;
  • External Priority Airflow;
  • Field Reversible Single Door Design;
  • Top-Riding Sliding Door System;
  • Free&Clear™ Condenser Coil and Lint-Tolerant Design;
  • Whisper Air-Over-Pan™.

Our technological advances are what make us industry leaders and customer favourites.



All of our products are built to last with award-winning energy efficiency and environmentally conscious sustainability.

  • Cassette® refrigeration
    • Entire refrigeration system is removable, exchangeable and upgradeable without ever having to open the door(s) or move the cabinet;
    • Cassette rather than cabinet replacement has a considerably lower impact on landfill;
    • Cassette can be transported by car rather than truck, reducing impact on greenhouse gas emissions and air quality;
    • Reconditioned or upgraded Cassettes deliver energy efficiency, performance and environmental benefits to the latest standards.
  • Low-Emissivity Glass is 33% more energy efficient than triple pane glass.
  • LED Lighting provides up to 80% energy conversion to light and lasts up to three times longer than traditional fluorescent lamps.
  • System integrated condensate control system uses remnant heat from refrigeration to dissipate excess condensation. At the same time, the refrigerant is continually precooled, improving energy efficiency and performance.
  • Free&Clear™ and Lint-Tolerant Coils produce less static pressure and permit critical air-flow to heat generating components for a longer unit life and lower energy demand.
  • Critical airflow design inside and out keeps components cooler, while heat generating components are aligned with the airstream to maintain a continuous cooling effect.
  • Water blown foamed in place insulation is environmentally-friendly and 100% CFC/HCFC free.
  • Shipping Pods on many models have been recycled and reused since 1989.

Sustainable, environmentally conscious designs that deliver high performance are what we do best.



Our ISO 9001:2015 registration proves our unwavering commitment to excellence. Our products are rigorously tested and certified for quality and performance, including:

  • UL® Certified Lab;
  • ASHRAE/ANSI Compliant;
  • CSA® Certified Lab based on ISO/EEC 17025:2005.

We ensure that our products top the highest industry benchmarks for optimum efficiency and maximum quality.