Commercial Reach In Refrigerators

Explore our comprehensive collection of HABCO commercial refrigeration solutions, designed to meet the unique needs of kitchen and commercial applications. With exceptional durability, minimal service requirements, and cost-effective ownership, our equipment is Built to Perform, Crafted to Last.

What are Reach-in Refrigerators?

Reach-in refrigerators, also known as reach-in coolers, are essential for commercial applications. With storage capacities surpassing those offered by residential fridges, these units are commonly found in medical or restaurant equipment, providing enough space for convenient organization and inventory tracking.

At HABCO, we offer a selection of reach-in commercial refrigerator options with different door types, including one solid door, two solid doors, and glass doors. Glass door refrigerator ensures full visibility of your inventory, minimizing the need to open the door frequently and saving costs. Alternatively, solid doors are more affordable and energy-efficient. No matter your storage needs, we have a model that can accommodate them.

Note: Our models do not include half doors.

Do I Need a Top or Bottom-Mounted Compressor?

Unlike mainstream commercial fridges with non-removable bottom-mounted compressors, evaporators, and condensers, our models utilize Cassette® refrigeration. This removable and self-contained system simplifies maintenance and replacement, ensuring maximum uptime for your business.

Bottom-mounted compressors are ideal for hot environments, as they are closer to the cool floor, resulting in reduced workload and energy consumption. On the other hand, top-mounted compressors are better suited for commercial kitchen environments that handle flour and dust-like ingredients, like bakeries and pizzerias. Also, with our models, you can save money while you perform maintenance, as you can access the system without opening the doors.

What Temperature Should a Reach-in Refrigerator Be?

Reach-in refrigerators play a crucial role in keeping food and medical supplies cool at safe temperatures. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends programming commercial refrigerators within the temperature range of 5℃ (41℉) and 3.3℃ (38℉) to ensure optimal freshness and preservation, particularly as it pertains to commercial kitchens.

What is a Reach-in Cooler?

Reach-in coolers, which can come in upright units or variations like over and under-counter models, are versatile additions to commercial kitchens. These coolers provide additional storage space, offering flexibility and efficient utilization of kitchen layout.

Buy Your Restaurant Equipment at HABCO

When you need top-notch commercial refrigeration solutions for clinics, convenience stores, or restaurants, HABCO offers the best options tailored to your needs. Whether you prefer the sleek and hygienic appeal of stainless steel or the versatility of non-stainless steel, our reach-in refrigerators are tailored to meet your specific needs. Browse our selection now or contact us to find the perfect equipment for your business needs.

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