There’s a HABCO solution for every kitchen or commercial application!

From commercial refrigerators to reach-in coolers, our research and development has powered some of the industry’s most significant technological advances, including our patented removable Cassette® and our authentic front-breathing design. Our equipment is built to last, requires minimal service, and keeps the Lifetime Cost of Ownership (LCO) down.

What are Reach-in Refrigerators?

Reach-in refrigerators or reach-in coolers are like residential fridges with shelving except they hold larger quantities for commercial needs and may include a glass-front door so users can quickly locate the items they need, reach in, and grab them.

It’s the type of unit that is part of medical or restaurant equipment. This type of unit allows for a large storage capacity with convenient organization and inventory tracking. A commercial reach-in refrigerator is highly durable for commercial needs.

HABCO’s selection consists of commercial reach-in refrigerators that have either one solid door, two solid doors, or glass doors. Having a refrigerator with a glass door allows full visibility of the inventory, limiting the number of times the door is open, thereby saving you money.


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