When It Comes to Pharmacy, a Refrigerator is a Refrigerator Right?…Wrong.

Almost a decade ago, several U.S. states began to legislate around the use of refrigeration equipment in retail and commercial pharmacy operations. Since then we have witnessed a steady progression of state legislation that we expect, given the current pandemic, will find its way to most jurisdictions across the U.S. and Canada within a short […]


COVID-19 MESSAGE: As an essential workplace, HABCO Manufacturing will remain open during this time of crisis to ensure an ongoing supply of refrigeration to other essential businesses and services.  The health and safety of our employees and their families are a top priority. Accordingly, we are practicing stringent social distancing within the production facility as […]

Cassette® Refrigeration Blows Away Split Systems – Here’s Why!

The concept of refrigeration goes back to the ancient Roman and Chinese empires harvesting ice to preserve food. How things have changed. Mechanical refrigeration technology has come a long way. Yet if you think all modern refrigeration units are the same – think again.