Appliance Not Cooling

  • Is the appliance plugged into a dedicated, grounded 3-prong wall receptacle?
  • Is the circuit breaker thrown or fuse blown?
  • Is there adequate power?
  • Is the circuit prone to power fluctuations?
  • Are there other appliances on the same circuit drawing power?
  • Has an extension cord, power bar or adapter been improperly used to connect power?
  • Is the appliance overloaded with product?
  • Is there adequate exterior ventilation?
  • Is the condenser clogged with grease or grime?
  • Are the doors closing properly?
  • Do the door gaskets seal snugly?
  • Is the Cassette® refrigeration plugged into the cabinet behind lower grill? (Caution, Moving Parts: do not access without disconnecting cabinet power.)

Door(s) Not Closing

  • Are the shipping pods/shipping pallet removed and is the appliance level?
  • Sliding Door Fridge: Is the lower guide track free from debris and spillage?
  • Sliding Door Fridge: are rollers sliding freely within upper sliding track?

Swing Door Hinge Failure

  • Is floor where unit is placed level?
  • Are you slamming the door shut? Let it close naturally
  • Are you forcing the door open, further than the spring-back position?
  • Are you continuously opening the swing doors past the spring-back position?

Short-Cycling / Excess Condensation on Running Unit Empty

  • Have you raised the cabinet temperature slightly (maintaining below 5C / 41 F)?
  • Have you maintained a product ballast such as two to three cases of bottled water per door on the middle shelf?
  • Can you unplug the unit when not in use (recommended for units that are infrequently used)?

Sporadically Loaded or Sporadically Used Units Short-Cycling

  • Have you turned the unit off when not in use, preferably by the circuit breaker?
  • Did you repower when the unit was empty?