Our pharmacy refrigerator collection features models with premium features and patented designs that provide precise temperature control and superior temperature uniformity, while maximizing energy efficiency and reliability for reduced maintenance costs and lowest Lifetime Cost of Ownership (LCO).

Pharmacy Refrigerators Designed for Your Needs

At HABCO, we understand the unique refrigeration needs of pharmacy and laboratory owners and operators.

Our custom pharmacy refrigerators are built to code and provide a clean exterior and glass door that adds to your pharmacy’s aesthetic appeal. You can depend on our brand to offer the highest quality of medical-grade refrigerator models for all of your temperature-sensitive storage needs, including medications and vaccine storage.

We are proud to offer a range of high-quality pharmaceutical refrigerators that have been designed with all the latest innovations in mind. Our refrigerators are renowned for their superior durability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, making them the perfect choice for any pharmacy or healthcare facility.

Our patented designs reduce maintenance costs by minimizing the need for repairs, while our advanced energy-saving features also help to minimize operating expenses over time. So if you are looking for a premium pharmacy refrigerator that can help to lower your long-term ownership costs, look no further than our cutting-edge lineup.

Our pharmaceutical refrigerators are designed with the utmost care and precision to offer a superior level of performance and functionality. Featuring a digital temperature display, robust glass doors, optional stainless steel pharmacy slide trays, and third-party access ports, each model in this collection can serve as a pharmacy vaccine refrigerator, thanks to a visual or audible product protection alarm to ensure safe storage.

Our custom Cassette® refrigeration system is completely removable and upgradeable and has everything you need to repair your pharmacy fridge in one easy-to-remove and easy-to-carry unit.

HABCOLog Pharmacy Fridge Temperature Data Logger

The cloud-based HABCOlog pharmacy refrigerator temperature recorder and alarm system is an invaluable addition to our pharmacy refrigerators. The system includes two channels for accurate temperature readings, as well as a web-based application for setting parameters such as measurement intervals, upload intervals, and minimum and maximum allowed temperature thresholds. Thanks to this microprocessor temperature controller monitoring, unlimited recipients can receive notifications the moment the unit exceeds or falls below predetermined temperatures, which is vitally important in the event of a power failure or other issue.

With its easy-to-use interface, the HABCOlog pharmacy refrigerator temperature recorder and alarm system is the perfect solution for your pharmacy refrigeration needs.

Our commitment to sustainability and innovation are only some of the reasons our customers choose us when purchasing their own medical-grade refrigerator. Our customers appreciate our clean and modern designs and hassle-free service repairs. Take your pharmacy to the next level with a professional and high-performance pharmaceutical fridge.

In addition to our pharmacy-grade refrigerator units, we offer a wide range of commercial refrigerators and freezers, including reach-in refrigerators and reach-in freezers for food service and commercial pharmacy or laboratory applications.

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