Temperature data logger


HABCOLog is a “two channel” electronic temperature monitor, recorder and alarm system for medical refrigerators and temperature-sensitive goods

The HABCOLog temperature recorder and alarm system features an ambient, and a detachable sensor, insulated by glycol in a sealed bottle, to buffer variations and increase measurement precision.

HABCOLog – The Ideal Temperature Data Logger for Medical Professionals

With the capability to connect directly to Wi-Fi, HABCOLog is also a cloud-enabled temperature alarm system. It can send out phone calls, text messages and email alarms to an unlimited number of recipients once it detects a threshold violation.

It provides easy access to raw data, including records history, alarm data and periodical reports. Its hardware and software installation is very easy and does not require any specific tools or data management software.

All settings, including temperature measurement intervals, upload intervals, minimum and maximum alarm temperature range thresholds can be set through a web-based application on any platform. Temperature measurement occurs anywhere from once per minute to once every two hours throughout the entire monitoring time, depending on settings, which makes the HABCOLog well suited for the exact measurement and continuous monitoring needs of sensitive vaccines and pharmaceuticals.

For product software login go to: https://habcolog.com/

Width ″ mm
Depth** ″ mm
Height*** ″ mm
Ship Weight lbs kg
Ship Cube cu.ft m3
Cooling Capacity hp
Trailerload Quantity (53’)

Premium Features:

Lint Tolerant Condenser Coil

Lint Tolerant Condenser Coil minimizes buildup of damaging grease and lint.


Exclusive Lint Tolerant Condenser Coil is designed with four fins per inch to provide optimized heat exchange while minimizing buildup of airborne grease, wax and lint prevalent on condensers with tighter fin spacing.

Digitally Controlled

Energy Efficient Digital Control


Equipped with Energy Efficient Digital Controller featuring visual/audible product protection alarm, factory preset for -10°F (-23.3°C).


Advanced ProducTempTM externally displays product temperature.


ProducTempTM technology externally displays stabilized product temperature to a resolution of 1° for best product quality.


Long-lasting and brilliant LED lighting system.


Energy efficient LED lighting system from HABCO® delivers a more brilliantly illuminated display and backlit merchandising.

Priority Air-Flow

Priority Air-Flow delivers focused product cooling with optimum heat exchange outside the cabinet.


Priority Air-Flow delivers focused velocity heat exchange while maintaining consistent air-over-components for performance, efficiency and endurance.

Auto, SST Condensate Control System

Energy saving Automatic Stainless Steel Condensate Control System is durable and maintenance free.


Automatic Stainless Steel Condensate Control recycles heat from cabinet to control condensation and maximize performance. Stainless Steel makes our patented design built to last.

Cassette ®

Cassette® refrigeration is completely self-contained, easily removable and upgradable.


HABCO® Cassette® refrigeration is longer lasting, exchangeable in less than 5 minutes, easily maintained, serviced and upgraded, and replaceable without sacrificing the cabinet.

Free&Clear™ Condenser

Finless Free&ClearTM Condenser Coils virtually eliminate clogging.


HABCO® Finless Free&ClearTM Condenser Coil technology maximizes air-flow over the compressor, reduces energy consumption and is non-clogging.

HABCO Insulated Glass

HABCO Insulated Glass is 30% more energy efficient.


HABCO Insulated Glass units are 30% more energy efficient than triple-pane, and 22% lighter improving hardware endurance.

Front Breathing Refrigeration

Front Breathing Refrigeration optimizes heat exchange while saving valuable space.


Our exclusive Front Breathing Refrigeration allows the cabinet to be fully enclosed at the rear, top, bottom and sides, saving valuable space without starving vital ventilation.

Easy-Glide Door System

Top-Riding Easy-Glide Door System is durable and low maintenance.


Top-Riding Easy-Glide Door System provides maximum fluid motion and long-term reliability.

Variable Speed Compressor
Variable Speed Drive Technology Uses a special drive to control the speed (RPM) of the unit, which in turn saves energy compared to a fixed speed equivalent.


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