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How to Dispose of Commercial Fridges

Every fridge or freezer has a limited lifespan. If a commercial fridge or freezer used by your business shows signs of nearing the end of its life span–such as the inability to maintain a consistent temperature, failing components or it …

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Commercial Freezer Temperature Range

When it comes to commercial freezers, the ideal temperature range is an important thing to consider. The right temperature can help keep food fresh and prevent the spoilage that leads to food waste. It can also reduce the risk of …

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How Often Should You Clean A Commercial Fridge?

Cleanliness is one of the most critical aspects of a successful commercial business, especially in businesses with customer-facing commercial refrigerators. Not only does regular fridge cleaning ensure that disease-causing mold, bacteria, and germs are kept away, but it also makes …

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What Refrigerant is Used in Commercial Refrigerators?

Commercial refrigerators are an essential piece of equipment for any food service or pharmaceutical business. They provide a reliable and safe storage solution for perishable items, making sure that products are properly stored throughout their shelf life. 
In this blog post, …

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How Cold Should a Commercial Freezer be?

Commercial freezers come in all shapes and sizes. There are small undercounter models, large walk-in freezers, and everything in between. But no matter what the size of your commercial freezer, one thing is always important: the temperature must be kept …

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How Much Power Does a Commercial Refrigerator Use?

While commercial and industrial facilities have refrigerators, it’s not always straightforward to know how much power a commercial fridge consumes. For starters, a domestic refrigerator uses between 1 to 2 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per day, translating to electricity costs of $150 …