Data Logger Device

Temperature data logger

HABCOLog is a “two channel” electronic temperature monitor, recorder and alarm system for medical refrigerators and temperature-sensitive goods

The HABCOLog temperature recorder and alarm system features an ambient temperature sensor and a detachable temperature sensor, insulated by glycol in a sealed bottle, to buffer temperature variations and increase temperature measurement precision for extremely accurate measurement results. 

HABCOLog – The Ideal Temperature Data Logger for Medical Professionals

With the capability to connect directly to Wi-Fi, HABCOLog is also a cloud-enabled temperature alarm system. It can send out phone calls, text messages and email alarms to an unlimited number of recipients once it detects a threshold violation, as well as for each additional temperature threshold violation that occurs. 

It provides easy access to raw data, including records history, alarm data and periodical reports. Its hardware and software installation is very easy and does not require any specific tools or data management software.

All settings, including temperature measurement intervals, upload intervals, minimum and maximum alarm temperature range thresholds can be set through a web-based application on any platform. Temperature measurement occurs anywhere from once per minute to once every two hours throughout the entire monitoring time, depending on settings, which makes the HABCOLog well suited for the exact measurement and continuous monitoring needs of sensitive vaccines and pharmaceuticals.

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