McKesson USA – Health Mart

HABCO Mfg Inc is pleased to be an approved supplier for McKesson USA – Health Mart Franchisees.

If you own and operate a pharmacy, your refrigeration needs are unique. HABCO®’s custom pharmacy refrigerators are built to code and provide a clean exterior that adds to your pharmacy’s aesthetic appeal. You can depend on our brand to offer the highest quality of medical-grade refrigerator models for all of your temperature-sensitive medications and treatments.

Health Marts: Call or email us to order your HABCO Products at a 40% discount!

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What makes our pharmaceutical refrigerators so unique is our range of premium features and patented designs that reduce maintenance costs, maximize energy efficiency, and lower long-term ownership costs. For instance, our custom Cassette® refrigeration system is completely removable and upgradeable and has everything you need to repair your pharmacy fridge in one easy-to-remove and easy-to-carry unit.

Our commitment to sustainability and innovation are only some of the reasons our customers choose us when purchasing their own medical-grade refrigerator. Our customers appreciate our clean and modern designs and hassle-free service repairs. Take your pharmacy to the next level with a professional and high-performance pharmaceutical refrigerator.