HealthLock™ Freezer – Features & Benefits

Our merchandising freezers with HealthLock™ Timer  offer a range of benefits for businesses, including:

Improved Customer Experience & Increased Sales: An upright merchandising freezer

 allows businesses to display their frozen products in a visually appealing and accessible way, making it easy for customers to browse and select the items they want. This can improve the overall shopping experience and drive sales.

Precise Temperature Control and Uniformity: Our unique approach to managing temperature ensures the quality and uniformity of product core temperature as opposed to the ambient air temperature inside the cabinet. The result is consistent, safe and reliable products for your customers to enjoy and fewer nuisance lockouts.

Maximum Energy Efficiency: Precise temperature controls reduce  the need for frequent adjustments, resulting in lower energy consumption.

Reduced Maintenance Costs: Minimize the need for manual intervention and frequent temperature adjustments, resulting in lower maintenance costs and increased profits for businesses.

Lower long-term Cost of Ownership: By maximizing energy efficiency and reliability, the intelligent HealthLock™ Timer  helps to reduce the overall cost of ownership for commercial freezers.

Width* 30.5″
775 mm
Depth** 31″
788 mm
Height*** 78″
1982 mm
Shelves 5
Ship Weight 342 lbs
155 kg
Ship Cube 49 cu.ft
1.39 m3
Cold Space™ 28
Cooling Capacity 1 hp
Electrical 115V/6.8 Amp/60 Hz - Single Phase - NEMA 5-15P, Dedicated Circuit

*** Add 3/8″ (10mm) for Threaded-In Levelers. Millimeters rounded up.


  • Variable Speed Compressor

    Variable Speed Drive Technology Uses a special drive to control the speed (RPM) of the unit, which in turn saves energy compared to a fixed speed equivalent.

  • Free&Clear™ Condenser

    Finless Free&Clear™ Condenser Coils virtually eliminate clogging.

    HABCO® Finless Free&Clear™ Condenser Coil technology maximizes air-flow over the compressor, reduces energy consumption and is non-clogging.

  • Digitally Controlled

    Energy Efficient Digital Control

    Equipped with Energy Efficient Digital Controller featuring visual/audible product protection alarm, factory preset for -10°F (-23.3°C).

  • ProducTemp™

    Advanced ProducTemp™ externally displays product temperature.

    ProducTemp™ technology externally displays stabilized product temperature to a resolution of 1° for best product quality.

  • LED

    Long-lasting and brilliant LED lighting system.

    Energy efficient LED lighting system from HABCO® delivers a more brilliantly illuminated display.

  • Auto, SST Condensate Control System

    Energy saving Automatic Stainless Steel Condensate Control System is durable and maintenance free.

    Automatic Stainless Steel Condensate Control recycles heat from cabinet to control condensation and maximize performance. Stainless Steel makes our patented design built to last.