The Premium Refrigerated Food Prep Table in Professional Stainless Steel Xterior™ finish includes the newest innovations in cooling, functionality, and safe serving. It’s ideal for food preparation applications, especially where balance of space, functionality, and design are essential to your success. The HFP48-12-2S is suited for fast food restaurants, commercial kitchen workstations, and is perfect for salad and sandwich prep… even buffets! Because of its front-breathing refrigeration, this model can be built-in at the rear, bottom, and either side, and fits nicely into a four-foot section.

The professional stainless steel exterior provides an aesthetically pleasing addition to your restaurant or commercial kitchen. The HFP48-12-2S offers ample refrigeration and cooling space above and below, and its easy lid facilitates safe food handling. A breeze to clean inside and out, the HFP48-12-2S is a high-performance food prep table with an energy-efficient design and low long-term ownership costs. Our patented Cassette® refrigeration technology allows for lightning-speed repair and maintenance at a fraction of the cost.

Width* 47 3/4″
1213 mm
Depth** 31 1/2″
801 mm
Height*** 42 1/2″
1080 mm
Shelves/Pans 4 / 12-1/6th
Ship Weight 325 lbs
148 kg
Ship Cube 46 cu.ft
1.30 m3
Cold Space™ 15
Cooling Capacity 1/4 hp
Electrical 115 Volts/2.3 Amps/60 Hertz - Single Phase - NEMA 5-15P, Dedicated Circuit

Important Notes: Height includes Hood and Casters with Lid closed.
*Add 1/4″ (7mm) for fasteners.
**Add 1/8″ (4mm) for fasteners.
***Includes Hood, Casters and Lid closed. Add 5″ (127mm) for Lid open.
Millimeters rounded up.


  • Cassette ®

    Cassette® refrigeration is completely self-contained, easily removable and upgradable.

    HABCO® Cassette® refrigeration is longer lasting, exchangeable in less than 5 minutes, easily maintained, serviced and upgraded, and replaceable without sacrificing the cabinet.

  • Whisper Air-Over-Pan™

    Whisper Air-Over-Pan™ technology gently cools food without drying.

    Low velocity Whisper Air-Over-Pan™ design minimizes food dehydration and keeps it fresher longer.

  • Zero Clearance

    Zero Clearance design provides more storage space inside, while saving aisle space outside.

    Zero Clearance design provides better workflow requiring no rear or side ventilation outside, and delivers more usable storage per footprint inside.

  • Pan Catcher™

    Pan Catcher™ is removable for ease of cleaning.

    HABCO® Pan Catcher™ is designed for easy removal from the pan section for simpler cleanup and better sanitation.

  • Free&Clear™ Condenser

    Finless Free&Clear™ Condenser Coils virtually eliminate clogging.

    HABCO® Finless Free&Clear™ Condenser Coil technology maximizes air-flow over the compressor, reduces energy consumption and is non-clogging.

  • Digitally Controlled

    Energy Efficient Digital Control

    Equipped with Energy Efficient Digital Controller, factory preset to hold 33°F to 41°F (0.5°C to 5°C).

  • Priority Air-Flow

    Priority Air-Flow delivers focused product cooling with optimum heat exchange outside the cabinet.

    Priority Air-Flow delivers focused velocity heat exchange while maintaining consistent air-over-components for performance, efficiency and endurance.

  • Front Breathing Refrigeration

    Front Breathing Refrigeration optimizes heat exchange while saving valuable space.

    Our exclusive Front Breathing Refrigeration allows the cabinet to be fully enclosed at the rear, top, bottom and sides, saving valuable space without starving vital ventilation.

  • Auto, SST Condensate Control System

    Energy saving Automatic Stainless Steel Condensate Control System is durable and maintenance free.

    Automatic Stainless Steel Condensate Control recycles heat from cabinet to control condensation and maximize performance. Stainless Steel makes our patented design built to last.